Innovative Orthodontic Methods: Invisalign Vs. Fast Braces

The thought of seeing an orthodontist to get one’s teeth straightened can be quite scary. Many perceive the procedure to be painful and time-consuming – usually taking two years or more to complete. Thanks to modern dentistry, however, today’s patients can opt for technologically advanced methods that make the process comfortable, painless, and fast. Invisalign and Fast Braces are two great examples of such innovative teeth straightening systems.


If you don’t already know, Invisalign is a very popular straightening treatment that is commonly referred to as the “invisible braces”. It uses a series of aligners that are made from thin, clear plastic. When worn on your teeth, the aligners are a lot less noticeable than traditional braces that consist of wires and brackets. That allows orthodontic patients a discreet method of undergoing the treatment without attracting any unnecessary attention.

How is Invisalign different from traditional braces?

Compared to traditional braces, the Invisalign aligners are more comfortable to wear in that they do not poke or irritate the wearer’s lips, cheeks and gums. The soft and smooth plastic material also feels gentler on the hypersensitive soft tissue areas in the patient’s mouth.

Created using accurate 3D digital impressions, the aligners are designed to precisely conform to your teeth’s position at every stage of the straightening process. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks before being replaced by a new one until the whole series is completed. The aligners may be removed for an hour or two daily – for eating and cleaning – and still, produce highly effective results. Invisalign patients have the freedom to eat as they normally would, which is a distinct advantage over wearers of traditional braces who may need to avoid certain types of foods for fear of trapping food particles in the crevices between the wires and their teeth.

Fast Braces

The Fastbraces technology was created with the patient’s safety in mind for a fast and affordable solution. For almost 25 years, patients have been benefitting from Fastbraces’ proven technique that delivers speedy results with less teeth sensitivity. The new technology that combines patented triangular design braces with a special heat-activated wire significantly enhances the gentle but effective teeth straightening therapy.

What to expect at your appointment with Dr Dunn

During the first appointment, your Sydney dentist Dr Dunn will take radiographs of the patient’s teeth in order to create a customised treatment plan for the patient. The Fastbraces technology does not rely on shortcuts but a patented design that allows for movement of the roots of the teeth towards their final position. This technique starts working right from the onset, allowing the treatment to be completed within 3 months to about a year.

If the patient’s teeth respond well to this new bracing technology, it may take as little as 20 weeks to move the teeth to their final position. This compares favourably with square-shaped traditional braces that typically take about 2 years or more to complete the treatment. The unique design of the system and braces allows the dentist to produce a straight and beautiful smile in just months.

Minimally invasive approach

Although Invisalign provides a viable option for treating mild to moderate alignment problems, it may not be the best solution for every orthodontic case. At Macquarie Street Dental, we believe in a team approach to help you achieve optimum treatment results. In cases where Invisalign may not be a good fit, we will refer you to a specialist who would be able to attend to your specific needs. Both Invisalign and Fast Braces may also be effectively used as a pre-restorative procedure, for example, correcting a bite to set up for a dental implant or crown restoration.

To the best of our abilities, we endeavour to use minimally invasive techniques and systems that will be comfortable and safe for every patient without compromising on effectiveness and speed.

To find out how Invisalign and Fast Braces can enhance your teeth straightening procedures, contact us at Macquarie Street Centre in Sydney CBD. Call our friendly staff at (02) 9247 1394 to book an appointment.


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