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as part of your holistic dental plan

Your dental plan at Macquarie Street Centre is a unique experience. After careful consultation and analysis, Dr Dunn will determine the best treatment, or range of treatments, to achieve your desired results.

If one of your concerns is tooth crowding or spacing, or a misaligned bite, Dr Dunn may recommend orthodontics. We are a recognised provider of Invisalign: clear plastic customised aligners which straighten your smile and jaw alignment without the need for metal braces.

Dr Dunn has helped over 2,000 customers regain their confidence with beautiful new smiles. Make today your turn.

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1-Hour Smile Snapshot

Appointments: 1 (½ hour)

Duration: Same day

With: Clinic Manager

Service fee: Complimentary

Using the latest technology in digital smile design, you’ll review an on-screen mockup of what your beautiful new smile could look like.

Love what you see?  Continue your journey with a Personal Consultation with Dr Dunn.

Personal Consultation

Appointments: 2 (1½ hours each)

Duration: over 2-3 weeks

With: Dr Dunn

Service fee: $xx (health fund rebate may apply)

Dr Dunn evaluates your teeth and gums and uses the latest 3D imaging technology to determine if Invisalign treatment is best for you. You’ll receive a written plan to approve, including treatment costs and a timeline.

Ready for life-changing new smile? The cost of your Personal Consultation goes towards your final Smile Makeover fee with Dr Dunn.


before and after
Invisalign before and after
Invisalign after
Invisalign before and after
Invisalign before and after

Lisa's Story

Lisa received the greatest compliment of all from her best friend when she was asked to be the bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding.  But Lisa was concerned about her crooked teeth and her public facing job meant she didn't want metal braces.

Invisalign was the perfect solution for Lisa and her smile was 'picture-perfect' for the wedding.

Cressida's Story

Cressida’s crowded smile had been bothering her for quite some time. Invisalign was the obvious treatment choice to deliver the straight even smile she had always dreamt of.


Is Invisalign right for me?

Invisalign is the world's leading tooth straightening system, designed to treat most cases of crooked or misaligned teeth. Its unique clear aligners are discrete and removable, giving you the freedom to take them out during eating or for photos.

As with all cosmetic dental treatments, it's important to remember that Invisalign isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.

If you have complex bite issues, Dr Dunn may recommend traditional braces to deliver your best result. In your initial consultation, Dr Dunn will carefully assess your bite using 3D imaging to determine the best tooth straightening method for you.

The Treatment

Following your personal consultation with Dr Dunn, your Invisalign treatment could look something like this.


Dr Dunn collates his records from a careful analysis of your teeth and gums. This data is sent to Invisalign, where they create a digital simulation of your tooth movement and confirm the number of aligners you need


You’ll review your digital simulation to see how your teeth will move during your Invisalign treatment. With Dr Dunn’s guidance, you’ll make any required adjustments and once you’re both happy, approve your Invisalign plan

Customised aligners

Your aligners are made-to-measure in the United States by Invisalign, and are usually ready within 6 weeks. Over the course of treatment, you’ll wear each set of aligners for a 2 week period.

Ongoing care

Dr Dunn will see you every 4-6 weeks to ensure your aligners are fitting correctly - you’ll need to wear them for 22 hours a day. Regular checkups give you an opportunity to review your progress and discuss any changes with Dr Dunn along the way

Invisalign Cost Sydney



Every smile is unique, so the overall cost of your dental treatment depends on your individual needs. Keep in mind that some customers need a mix of treatments to achieve desired results.

MediPay Payment Plan available from $22 per week

You'll need to meet criteria to be eligible for financing with Medipay. You can check this online by answering a few questions and you'll have a response within an hour.

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Ready to Look and Feel Amazing?

Keep reading for more about the Macquarie Street Centre experience and our team.

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The Experience

Unrivalled expertise. State-of-the-art technology. Access the latest innovation in cosmetic dentistry wrapped in a modern, inviting environment.

Recognised Invisalign provider

Macquarie Street Centre is a Platinum Provider of Invisalign, recognised for our experience with all types of Invisalign including Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teen, Invisalign Lite and Invisalign i7

25 years cosmetic dentistry expertise

We are committed to giving you the best possible treatment using the latest technology and highest quality materials. A treatment with Dr Dunn brings a master craftsman’s eye to the very forefront of cosmetic dentistry

We don’t paint by numbers

As part of your overall dental treatment plan, your new smile is meticulously designed just for you. Your Invisalign treatment with Dr Dunn taps into his expert eye for cosmetics; your teeth are straightened to an ideal position for your face shape

Makeover your smile

Combine Invisalign with porcelain veneers or other treatments for a full smile makeover. Dr Dunn’s Smile Test Drive service allows you to experience your new smile before your treatment begins!

Our Team

We’re a dedicated team of experts bringing our shared passion together: helping you reinvent your confidence through a beautiful new smile. Start your treatment comfortably and confidently knowing that we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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The Dr Dunn


Aesthetic dentist Dr David Dunn has over 25 years clinical experience. As a trusted adviser to the manufacturers of cosmetic dental materials and equipment, he regularly lectures other dentists around the globe on how to achieve outstanding results with cosmetic dentistry.

  • Pioneered dental implants in Australia, trained with the inventor
  • Selected to be the first digital smile design center in Australia
  • Recognised internationally where he regularly lectures other dentists

Dr Dunn’s ability to connect with his customers through shared values of craftsmanship and innovation, which has made him one of most sought after cosmetic dentists in Sydney, has also seen his work referenced in the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, among others.

A beautiful smile is a matter of choice, not chance

– Dr Dunn

Invisalign Clear
Aligners, Explained


Invisalign are the world-leading alternative to metal braces. Clear, and virtually invisible, Invisalign straightens your teeth without detracting from the beauty of your natural teeth.

Many patients have Invisalign as part of an overall Smile Makeover, but they can be a stand-alone treatment, too. Over 5.5 million smiles worldwide have been perfected with Invisalign!

We’ve created a downloadable guide to help you navigate your Smile Makeover journey, including FAQs and our customers’ results.

  • Cosmetic dental treatments explained
  • How to prepare for a smile makeover
  • How to avoid a cosmetic dentistry disaster
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