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Not all dentists are designers

Dr David Dunn is

That’s why he was selected by the inventor to run the first Digital Smile Design centre in Australia.

The gold standard for any type of cosmetic smile makeover, Digital Smile Design allows you to experience your new smile before your treatment begins.

Dr Dunn has perfected the process with his Smile Test Drive. This bespoke offering brings a master craftsman’s eye to the very forefront of cosmetic dentistry.

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1-Hour Smile Snapshot

Appointments: 1 (½ hour)

Duration: Same day

With: Clinic Manager

Service fee: Complimentary

Using the latest technology in Digital Smile Design, you’ll review an on-screen mockup of what your beautiful new smile could look like.

Love what you see? Continue your journey with a Smile Test Drive with Dr Dunn.

smile test drive

Appointments: 2 (1½ hours each)

Duration: Over 2-3 weeks

With: Dr Dunn

Service fee: $795 (health fund rebate may apply)

Using his 25 years facial analysis expertise, Dr Dunn reviews digital oral photos, dynamic video of you speaking, and tooth impressions to inform the design of your new smile.

You’ll then audition your new smile with a temporary model placed directly in your mouth, so you’ll know exactly how your smile will look and feel! Take home photos and video of the model to review and show family and friends.

Ready for your life-changing new smile? The cost of your Smile Test Drive goes towards your final Smile Makeover fee.

Smile Test Drive

before and after
Before and after dental crowns image of an actual patient treated by Dr David Dunn at Macquarie Street Dental in Sydney

Amy's Story

With gaps in between teeth, discolouration, and teeth that were quite small and uneven, Amy wanted the smile she had always dreamed of.

Dr Dunn’s Smile Test Drive determined a final treatment of 8 new porcelain veneers.

Emma's Story

Emma was unhappy with her uneven smile. A previous root treatment had left one of Emma’s front teeth with considerable discolouration, while another had a mismatched veneer.

Dr Dunn’s Smile Test Drive determined a final treatment of a new dental crown (root treated tooth), a porcelain veneer replacement and 4 new porcelain veneers on adjacent teeth.

See our dental crowns page for Emma’s amazing final makeover!

Nikki's Story

Nikki’s natural teeth were quite worn down, and she was unhappy with the colour.

Dr Dunn’s Smile Test Drive determined a final treatment of 8 new porcelain veneers.

See our porcelain veneers page for Nikki’s amazing final makeover!


The Treatment

Dr Dunn's Smile Test Drive can be applied to a single tooth, through to full smile makeovers and takes two appointments over 2 - 3 weeks.

Step 1

Dr Dunn undertakes analysis of your facial symmetry and natural smile using photos, tooth impressions and dynamic video that shows your expressions in motion.  He combines this with data (age and gender) to determine your ideal treatment

Step 2

Dr Dunn digitally designs a new smile for you to review, specifically tailored to your unique aesthetic considerations (tooth height to width proportions, tooth length, and display at rest) and relevant to your personality

Step 3

Try on your new smile with a temporary mockup placed in your mouth. Know what your new smile will look and feel like all before a single tooth is prepared! Take home images and video of the mockup to review, and show family and friends

Step 4

Then it’s over to you: approve your new smile with confidence and begin your treatment/s comfortably, knowing exactly what the result will be

The Experience

Unrivalled expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and the latest innovation in cosmetic dentistry wrapped in a modern, inviting environment.

An artist’s eye

Dr Dunn is one of very few dentists who is also a designer, combining expertise and technological know-how with an innate aesthetic skill that cannot be learned

Cutting edge technology

As a global Digital Smile Design instructor and trusted adviser to the manufacturers of materials and equipment, Dr Dunn is a recognised industry authority

You’re in control

As an empowered participant in your smile makeover, you’ll quite literally audition your new smile – and more than just once – before choosing to commit

A bespoke approach

Some cosmetic dentists are happy to cut corners: reshaping your teeth first, before creating a smile on a static model and approving it on your behalf. But that’s not what we do. Ours is a meticulous hands-on process that involves you every step of the way

Learn more about the treatments

A smile makeover is a personal experience – no two customer’s needs are the same. Dr Dunn’s extensive analysis will determine which treatment, or combination of treatments, are required to get the results you want.

Our Team

Begin your treatment comfortably and confidently knowing that we’re a handpicked team of experts committed to taking the time to create a new smile designed just for you.

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The Dr Dunn


A globally recognised aesthetic dentist with over 25 years clinical and facial analysis experience, Dr David Dunn was hand selected by the Brazilian inventor to run the first Australian Digital Smile Centre.

  • Pioneered dental implants in Australia, trained with the inventor
  • Selected to be the first digital smile design center in Australia
  • Recognised internationally where he regularly lectures other dentists

Dr Dunn’s ability to connect with his customers through shared values of craftsmanship and innovation, which has made him one of most sought after cosmetic dentists in Sydney, has also seen his work referenced in the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, among others.

A beautiful smile is a matter of choice, not chance

– Dr Dunn

Your Smile
Makeover, Explained


A Smile Makeover with Dr Dunn is comprised of one or more cosmetic dental treatments, specifically tailored to your individual needs and goals.

These could include porcelain veneers, dental implants, dental crowns or Invisalign Dr Dunn’s extensive analysis will determine which treatment, or combination of treatments, are required to get the results you want.

We’ve created a downloadable guide to help you navigate your smile makeover journey including FAQs and our customers’ results.

  • Cosmetic dental treatments explained
  • How to prepare for a smile makeover
  • How to avoid a cosmetic dentistry disaster
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