How to Get Teeth Like a Celebrity? The Types of Cosmetic Dental Treatments Available

Few people are born with a flawless set of teeth. The same goes for celebrities. If you have always wondered how some celebrities are seemingly blessed with gorgeous smiles, well, you usually do not need to look any further than their cosmetic dentist.

Just as you would associate celebrity good looks with plastic surgery, those red-carpet gracing megawatt smiles rarely come from good oral hygiene alone. The good news is, you won’t have to go under the knife to achieve that Hollywood A-lister smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Although cosmetic dentistry used to be the exclusive domain of the rich and famous, advancements in dental materials, technology and techniques have made many modern aesthetically driven treatments available in mainstream clinics.

Nevertheless, despite their growing popularity, the cosmetic dental treatments that spawned many coveted Hollywood smiles are not as widely known as their facial counterparts. In this blog, we will uncover the secrets behind some of the most famous smiles in Tinseltown.

Porcelain Veneers

Who can forget Julia Roberts’ captivating smile in the movie Pretty Woman? How many of you know that Julia’s trademark smile has been enhanced by porcelain veneers? Granted Julia is one of those lucky people to have been born with a naturally beautiful smile, that seems to radiate effortless charm and disarming personality.

However, the A-lister decided to improve that famous grin with the help of porcelain veneers, which are essentially thin shells of porcelain laminates. Dental veneering offers a non-surgical means of getting a smile makeover, by covering your dental imperfections with ultra thin, tooth-like shells that are shaped and contoured to mimic real teeth so that they blend in seamlessly with your neighbouring teeth.

In the case of Julia, the veneers helped to straighten, even out and lengthen her teeth, while correctly any underlying dental flaws. The porcelain material perfectly mimics the shiny and translucent attributes of natural teeth to give her that radiance and shine that goes with her glamorous image.

Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Braces

Another superstar who is known for having a megawatt smile is Tom Cruise. Tom’s iconic smile has graced some of the most memorable scenes ever, from that perpetual grin in Top Gun to those smouldering close-ups in the Mission Impossible franchise. Few people know that Tom’s ethereal good looks owe much to teeth whitening and orthodontic braces.

In pictures before he became Hollywood’s most bankable star, Tom had severely discoloured and misaligned teeth. It is estimated that over US$30,000 (A$34,800) was spent on dental treatments to overhaul Tom’s smile. Cosmetic dentists speculate the bulk of that investment was spent on laser teeth whitening procedures, orthodontic braces and dental crowns on his front teeth.

Just like Tom Cruise, teen heartthrob Zac Efron spotted a gap in his front teeth prior to his smile reconstruction procedures, which have been estimated to cost US$10,000 (A$11,600). Zac’s dental fees were spent on invisible braces to close the gap as well as teeth whitening procedures to brighten up his endearing smile.

What Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and Zac Efron have in common are not just their impossibly good looks and fattened bank accounts, but also, the treatment services of great cosmetic dentists. Indeed, cosmetic dentists are trained dental professionals who can help to deliver that whiter, brighter, straighter and more proportionate smile.

Cosmetic Dental Sydney

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