All on 4 - The Modern Alternative To Conventional Implants

Are There Alternatives to Traditional Dental Implants?

If you have lost or will potentially face losing multiple teeth to decay, injury or disease, All-on-4 represents a significant breakthrough in dental implant treatment. Not only does All-on-4 offer a viable alternative to wearing traditional dentures, but it also represents a new surgical method for giving our patients natural-looking replacement teeth, in a minimum of surgical appointments and reduced treatment length.

Since the arrival of dental implants, removable partial or full dentures are no longer the only methods available to cover the “holes” in your smile. The common complaint against dentures is that they most often feel wobbly, unstable and uncomfortable in your mouth, and many rely on denture adhesives to keep them secure when eating, speaking or laughing.

Today’s patients can opt for dental implants as a permanent solution to their tooth loss condition. Although dental implants represent a stable and functional substitute for removable dentures, some patients may have misgivings about the complex nature of implant surgeries. The thought of multiple visits, long healing periods and involved procedures like bone grafting does not help. This is why many patients are turning to All-on-4 as a revolutionary procedure to replace missing teeth.

Benefits of All on 4 Dentistry

One of the biggest benefits to All on 4 treatment is:

Patients receive a full set of permanent replacement teeth in as little as 3 appointments.

It utilises a breakthrough implantation concept that makes it possible to restore a full edentulous arch (12 teeth) with just four dental implants, and have these teeth immediately inserted onto the implants a day or two after placement. Now compare this to a conventional implant procedure almost every case requires a greater number of implants, multiple surgical appointments and potentially over a year in healing time and you will see the marked difference. With more implants placed, you will need to consider the additional amount of time, expenditure and recovery it represents to you – the patient.

Patients who previously lack the bone volume to support traditional implants may also find a solution in All-on-4. It circumvents the bone support issue by placing specially designed implants in strategically angled positions for maximum bone to implant contact, make the implant more secure.

This latest restorative dental technique is not just less invasive, it also costs less than traditional implants. The three-day procedure saves time and money but does not compromise on success rate. You can expect the same quality standards, in terms of functional and aesthetic results, as you would from historical implant procedures.

The benefits are no less attractive when compared to traditional removable dentures. With All-on-4 implants, your replacement teeth remain firmly in place – instead of slipping, sliding or falling out when you least expect it. You can eat and clean your teeth as you would your own natural teeth. You don’t have to remove them for meals or avoid certain food types for fear of compromising your comfort or function. Read all you need to know about All on 4 Sydney here.

In summary, All-on-4 is a great restorative technique that improves the speed and efficiency of conventional implants. It lets you look forward to a new set of teeth with greater ease and comfort!

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All on 4 Patient Guide

To help you in your All on 4 journey we have written an extensive 51 page All on 4 guide that you can download here.

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