Digital Smile Design At MSC

The Macquarie Street Centre has always taken great pride in its reputation as a practice of excellence when it comes to cosmetic and implant treatment. We ensure that we provide for our patients the most up to date, cutting-edge techniques and materials for those who are undertaking, often times, treatment that requires a considerable investment of their time and finances. These techniques and materials are able to thus complement the clinical and surgical skills of Dr Dunn.

There have been a number of significant ‘turning points’ in dental treatment, which Dr Dunn has been fortunate to have had first-hand experience of. These have included his time at the Branemark Institute gaining instruction in dental implant therapy with the ‘father’ of implant treatment P.I Branemark, the advent of CAD/CAM technologies, the introduction of bonded all-ceramic materials such as IPS eMax™ – and finally – Digital Smile Design.

Introducing Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design was developed by a Brazilian Dentist/Ceramist Dr Christian Coachman and first started gaining traction as a method for aesthetic treatment cases (both tooth borne – and implant treatment) in approximately 2010. The following year, Dr Dunn was invited, along with our ceramist Brian Walters, to spend some time in Schaan, Lichtenstein at the headquarters of Ivoclar Vivadent, where Dr Dunn was further immersed in the world of ‘DSD’. Recognising the potential of this technique, and how it could be incorporated into our practice for the benefits of both clinician and patient, Dr Dunn, in 2011, travelled to Florence, Italy, for a Digital Smile Design intensive with Dr Coachman and his colleague Dr Andrea Ricci.

Since this time, Digital Smile Design has been used for all of our aesthetic treatment plans, to be able to firstly communicate more effectively with our patients both the issues and problems that may present in their treatment and what is required to achieve the final aesthetic outcome, secondly, to communicate with our ceramist, in building the ceramic restorations to the pre-planned and agreed prescription minimising errors and eliminating ‘diagnostic porcelain’, and thirdly, to be able to communicate with our treating team, including specialist periodontists and orthodontists, the final treatment outcome – and thus, be able to give them the prescription to achieve this goal.

Why should you choose the Macquarie Street Centre?

MSC has also been fortunate to have Dr Coachman visit our practice, to work side by side with Dr Dunn in further refining our team’s skills in Digital Smile Design. Dr Dunn is now considered a ‘DSD Master’ and is recognised for bringing this technique to our patients here in Sydney. We are an official Digital Smile Design accredited practice.

This technique takes out the unknowns in treatment and virtually eliminates the risk in undertaking cosmetic treatment- so that both patient and clinician have agreed to our aesthetic prescription before a tooth has even been prepared. To learn more about the steps involved in this technique, and how you may benefit from this treatment, please see our page dedicated to Digital Smile Design.


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