All on 4 Implants are Better Than Dentures – Here’s Why

In the past, dentures were considered the de facto solution for missing teeth. When it comes to range and performance of teeth replacement techniques, today’s dentists have greater flexibility thanks to the emergence of a modern treatment option – dental implants.

An Effective Option for Restorative Treatment

In recent decades, dental implants have matured as an effective restorative treatment. Dental implants represent a breakthrough concept that basically involves placing implants directly into the jawbone to provide a firm support for the attachment of prosthetic teeth. This method boasts many advantages, not least of which is the ability to deliver artificial teeth that feel, look and function like natural teeth.

Among the different types of implant solutions, All on 4 implants stand out as a treatment option that offers patients a full set of permanent prosthetic teeth with minimal hassles and costs. It is especially recommended for patients who eschew dentures due to their lack of stability and function yet find conventional implant procedures too complex or lengthy. With All on 4, it is now possible to restore, in most cases, a full edentulous arch with just 4 dental implants. While the innovative procedure saves time and money – significantly cutting down on the number of dental visits and healing time – it does not compromise on the high success rates of implants or their functionality.


Compared to dentures, All on 4 implants offer a more stable, comfortable and natural-looking solution.

Not only are removable dentures often associated with fake-looking prosthetic teeth, but they are also known to cause irritation and pain – especially when worn on the lower jaw. Although today’s dentures can be customized to fit specific mouth measurements, they fail to account for gum tissue shrinkages that may occur in old age, resulting in a looser fit as well as more irritation, sores or pain in the mouth.

Removable dentures are also prone to slipping and sliding, which not only impairs your normal teeth functions, they also cause a whole host of inconveniences when it comes to the types of food you can and cannot eat. The dentures need to be regularly relined and adjusted for comfort and fit, which represent long-term time and financial costs. Although removable dentures are still the least expensive option for replacing missing teeth, the main drawbacks are that they interfere with the denture wearer’s lifestyle and are more cumbersome to look after.

Dental implants offer a host of advantages over traditional dentures. As mentioned, the implants are literally rooted to your jawbone. That is why implant-supported teeth not only look like real teeth but feel natural as well. Implant-supported prosthetics do not slip or slide, therefore pose zero risks of accidental breakage from falling out. Providing unprecedented stability, dental implants offer you functional prosthetic teeth that allow you to chew, bite, speak and clean as you would with your natural teeth.

Implant Dentistry Offers Better Results For Patients

Compared to dentures, there is a lesser risk of developing plaque, gum disease and bone loss condition. The advanced prosthetics used with implants are also more aesthetically pleasing. Boasting the same translucency and reflectivity of natural enamel, implant-supported prosthetics are almost virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth – they blend in with the rest of your teeth seamlessly to give you beautiful and functional teeth.

You can expect the same functional and aesthetic results from All-on-4 dental implants. In addition to these benefits, they offer a minimally invasive and less time-consuming treatment procedure. If you are looking forward to a permanent solution for your missing teeth, All on 4 lets you look forward to a beautiful smile with greater function, ease and comfort!

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All on 4 Patient Guide

To help you on your All on 4 journey we have written an extensive 51 page All on 4 page guide that you can download here.

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