Is that all on 4 clinic a ‘Centre of Excellence’? Why it matters for your dental implants.

Are you considering all-on-4 to replace your missing or damaged teeth? 

Clever choice. This dental implant procedure is known and used for its longevity, durability, natural look and swiftness. 

Now, we don’t want to worry you, but a quick Google search of all on 4 clinic - sydney - produces a raft of results - all offering varying levels of quality, experience and price. 

You need to look for several factors when selecting an All on 4 clinic and, to help you make your selection (the right selection), we discuss these below. 

Who should I trust as my All on 4 clinic?

All on 4 is an irreversible dental procedure. Considering this and the significant financial investment, it should not be decided upon quickly. Spending the time researching now, and asking the right questions, will save you significant time and money in the long run.

We encourage you to consider five essential criteria when choosing a clinic for your all on 4. The first, naturally, is all about experience…

A Dental Surgeon with Years of Experience

It’s concerning to learn that some dentists ‘complete’ their entire dental implant training over a two-day training course.

Dr David Dunn - who performs all of our All-on-4 treatments has been pioneering dental implant procedures for 35 years. Dr Dunn is nationally and internationally renowned for his expertise, sought out for guest lecturing by his peers, and has been using the specific All-on-4 treatment concept for approximately 20 years. More than 2,000 patients have enjoyed his first-class knowledge, experience and custom care.

An All on 4 clinic that has been awarded a ‘Centre of Excellence’ 

Nobel Biocare is the original creator of the All-on-4 treatment concept, and the world-renowned leader in the innovation of implant solutions. They’ve more than 25 years of documented clinical success, using premium, quality, best-in-class materials.

A dental clinic using the Nobel Biocare All-on-4 treatment concept and products is only awarded a ‘Centre of Excellence’ if its practitioner has been identified as possessing the following:

  • Specific surgical experience
  • Completed comprehensive training
  • Performed the All-on-4 dental implant procedure on many patients, and to an exact standard, every time.


all-on-4 clinic centre of excellence logo


We at Macquarie Street Centre have proudly been awarded a Centre of Excellence. One of only eight in New South Wales. 

Supported by the Right Team

All-on-4 treatments are performed under twilight sedation, and Dr Dunn only welcomes exceptionally qualified sedation specialists to his clinic.

Similarly, as we are a purpose-built dental implant clinic, every staff member is comprehensively trained on the All-on-4 treatment process. We are acutely aware of each step and provide attentive and custom patient support throughout.

Dr David Dunn at Macquarie Street Centre
Dr David Dunn has proudly been awarded a Centre of Excellence by Nobel Biocare.

Using Local Experts and Innovative Advanced Technology

An All-on-4 clinic should be partnered with the Australian-based All-on-4 laboratory team (not an off-shore supplier), which is highly experienced and therefore ensures authenticity and quality control. Similarly, the clinic should be using the most current and exact all on 4 technology, which should include CBCT, intra oral scanning, or a PIC camera for 3D impression taking.

Genuine All-on-4 Products - the Complete Range

To be a genuine All-on-4 treatment clinic, all implant products offered and used should be Nobel Biocare and include the full range.

Your treatment plan should specify the exact Nobel Biocare products used in the procedure. 

If you’ve noticed during your research that an all-on-4 clinic has priced its dental implant procedure comparatively cheaper than its competitors, unfortunately, you should expect the same (cheap) level of treatment, product and outcome. 

Any dental clinic can produce a good short-term dental implant result - but comfort, quality and longevity are where your investment dollars will be realised.

To end, the swiftest way to identify the most reputable, trusted and experienced All-on-4 treatment clinic is to ask whether they’ve been awarded the Centre of Excellence by the leading dental implant innovator. 

Very few have. 


We at Macquarie Street Centre are proudly one of them.

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