Invisalign Provider Sydney

Introducing "Invisalign"

Invisalign is a sophisticated system of orthodontic treatment which utilises clear, removable aligners to move teeth sequentially over a period of time. Since its inception in 1999, the Invisalign system has been used to treat millions of patients all over the world in an aesthetically non-invasive, yet effective way. Invisalign continues to improve, and can now be used to treat a multitude of orthodontic cases, from those patients with only minor crowding or rotations, to those that need bite changes and improvements, such as deep overbites, constricted arches or cross bites. The Invisalign system is fully removable, unlike conventional braces which uses bonded brackets and wires. This means that patients can remove the aligners for certain social events or situations and at the same time, allows normal hygiene procedures for the duration of treatment.

Invisalign Provider Sydney

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The Invisalign Process

For those patients undergoing Invisalign treatment, we start with careful analysis of the individual situation. To do this, we require a series of records, including impressions and photographic records, as well as a full mouth x-ray. From this information, Dr Dunn or your treating orthodontist can formulate our ideal treatment plan, and the final position of the teeth that we would like to establish. This information is then forwarded to Invisalign in the United States, where they create a digital representation of the tooth movement. This also establishes the number of aligners required – and hence, the treatment length. This digital simulation is known as a ‘ClinCheck’ and is reviewed with the patient prior to submitting the case for manufacture of the aligners. This enables both the patient, and the Doctors, to make any adjustments as necessary.

Once the patient and Dr Dunn are ready to proceed with the Invisalign plan, the aligners are fabricated ready to issue to our patient. Generally, we like to see Invisalign patients every 4 – 6 weeks to ensure they are wearing the aligners correctly and for the recommended time, and to issue the next series of aligners. Patients are required to wear each set of aligners for a 2 week period and in order for Invisalign to be effective, they must be worn for 22hrs per day –removing them only to eat or clean your teeth!

Rest assured, that within the Invisalign process, there is the opportunity to review patients' progress along the way, and make changes or adjustments as necessary!

If you are not sure if Invisalign is the right treatment option for you, call the Macquarie Street Centre team on (02) 9247 1394 and arrange your consultation with Dr Dunn.

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Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is typically much more comfortable than conventional orthodontics, as there are no metal wires or brackets, poking or prodding into the cheeks, lips or gums. You are able to eat a normal diet, and hygiene maintenance is a breeze as you can brush or floss as normal.

As mentioned previously, it is also possible to remove Invisalign aligners for import business meetings, presentations, social engagements and events.

However, be aware that Invisalign is not a suitable treatment for all orthodontic cases. In some instances only conventional braces will achieve the required tooth movement and changes needed for ideal aesthetics and bite relationship. However, there have been fantastic advances in orthodontic technology for these types of cases; with discrete, minimally invasive clear brackets so that this treatment is as minimally impacting as possible. The days of ‘train track’ braces are long gone!

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