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Dental Crowns

restoring your smile with care

If you have severely worn down teeth, unnatural looking old crowns, or are looking for a big change to your smile, dental crowns could be for you.

Dr Dunn doesn’t approach dental crowns as a quick fix solution. After all, a dental crown is a life-changing treatment that needs to be done right the first time.

At Macquarie Street Centre, we take our time to care for the person behind the smile, helping you feel empowered while delivering exceptional results.

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1-Hour Smile Snapshot

Appointments: 1 (½ hour)

Duration: Same day

With: Clinic Manager

Service fee: Complimentary

Using the latest technology in digital smile design, you’ll review an on-screen mockup of what your beautiful new smile could look like.

Love what you see?  Continue your journey with a Smile Test Drive with Dr Dunn.

smile test drive

Appointments: 2 (1½ hours each)

Duration: Over 2-3 weeks

With: Dr Dunn

Service fee: $795 (health fund rebate may apply)

First, Dr Dunn evaluates your teeth and gums and uses the latest 3D imaging technology to determine if a dental crown treatment is best for you. Some of our customers have a mix of dental crowns and porcelain veneers to achieve their desired result.

In the second appointment, you’ll audition your new smile with a temporary model placed directly in your mouth, so you’ll know exactly how your new dental crown will look and feel! Take home photos and video of the model to review and show family and friends.

Ready for life-changing new smile? The cost of your Smile Test Drive goes towards your final treatment fee.

Dental Crowns

before and after

Fran's Story

Fran really wanted a fresh, youthful look but her natural teeth were worn down, crowded and discoloured with age.

Dr Dunn’s Smile Test Drive determined a final treatment of a complete smile makeover: handcrafted dental crowns on all teeth for a show-stopping new smile.

Kadi's Story

Worn down teeth, and broken back teeth, made Kadi feel older than she really was.

Dr Dunn’s Smile Test Drive determined a final treatment of 10 new dental crowns to restore her smile to its youthful best.

Peter's Story

Peter’s old dental bridge caused him considerable discomfort: it was ill fitting and meant his top front teeth didn’t match the others. Many of his natural teeth were worn down from grinding.

Dr Dunn’s Smile Test Drive determined a final treatment of dental implants to replace the old bridge, and new dental crowns and porcelain veneers on the adjacent front teeth.

Emma's Story

Emma was unhappy with her uneven smile. A previous root treatment had left one of Emma’s front teeth with considerable discolouration, while another had a mismatched veneer.

Dr Dunn’s Smile Test Drive determined a final treatment of a new dental crown (root treated tooth), a porcelain veneer replacement and 4 new porcelain veneers on adjacent teeth.


Dental Crowns vs Porcelain Veneers

A dental crown is a porcelain cap fitted over your natural tooth to provide strength when much of the natural tooth has been lost (due to grinding, heavy damage or decay, or a root canal, for example) or if your goal is a drastic cosmetic change. A dental crown does require substantial reduction in tooth structure, however it’s super strong and looks and behaves like a natural tooth.

A porcelain veneer is a wafer thin yet strong porcelain shell placed over your natural tooth. Perfectly translucent for a natural-looking smile, it’s not as strong as a dental crown, but requires less removal of your natural tooth.

Not everyone is suitable for porcelain veneers, nor are they always the best treatment option. For example, a porcelain veneer is too thin to disguise tooth discolouration after a root canal. Dental crowns are ideal when your natural tooth is too damaged to support a veneer, or when you’re looking for a big change to your natural tooth shape.

Some of our customers walk away with a mix of dental crowns and porcelain veneers. Dr Dunn will discuss your goals during your initial consultation, and determine the best treatment plan for you.

The Treatment

Following your Smile Test Drive with Dr Dunn your Dental Crown treatment could look something this.

First appointment

Dr Dunn preps your teeth by removing minimal tooth structure and takes impressions of your teeth for a model of your smile. Pain is minimum to none under local anaesthetic. You’ll receive temporary veneers to wear until your next appointment

Handcrafted dental crowns

Our world-class Australian ceramist handcrafts your porcelain veneers to a shape / shade as defined by you and Dr Dunn

Second appointment

2-3 weeks later, Dr Dunn carefully bonds your beautiful permanent dental crowns to your teeth

Your stunning new smile

Expect to return to work or your normal activities that same day. Your new smile will last for at least 10–15 years and won’t stain or decay

Dental Crown Cost Sydney



Every smile is unique, so the overall cost of your dental crowns depends on your individual needs. Keep in mind that some customers will require a mix of dental crowns and porcelain veneers to achieve their desired result.

MediPay Payment Plan available

You'll need to meet criteria to be eligible for financing with Medipay. You can check this online by answering a few questions and you'll have a response within an hour.

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Ready to Look and Feel Amazing?

Keep reading for more about the Macquarie Street Centre experience and our team.

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The Experience

Unrivalled expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and the latest innovation in porcelain veneers wrapped in a modern, inviting environment.

Conservative tooth preparation

Advances in technology means we can keep as much natural, healthy tooth structure as possible

Test drive your smile

Imagine! You’ll know exactly what your new dental crown will look like – you’ll even know how it’ll feel with a mockup placed directly in your mouth

We don’t paint by numbers

Your new smile is meticulously designed just for you using oral photos, tooth impressions, and dynamic video for a final result customised to your needs

Quality materials

We use metal-free all-ceramic dental crowns, handmade right here in Australia, to create beautiful and extremely strong and durable restorations.

Our Team

We’re a dedicated team of experts bringing our shared passion together: helping you reinvent your confidence through a beautiful new smile. Start your treatment comfortably and confidently knowing that we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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The Dr Dunn


Aesthetic dentist Dr David Dunn was selected to run the first Australian Digital Smile Design centre for dental crowns, training with the inventor. Called on for his 25 years clinical and facial analysis experience, Dr Dunn is a trusted adviser to the manufacturers of cosmetic dental materials and equipment.

  • Pioneered dental implants in Australia, trained with the inventor
  • Selected to be the first digital smile design center in Australia
  • Recognised internationally where he regularly lectures other dentists.

Dr Dunn’s ability to connect with his customers through shared values of craftsmanship and innovation, which has made him one of most sought after cosmetic dentists in Sydney, has also seen his work referenced in the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, among others.

A beautiful smile is a matter of choice, not chance

– Dr Dunn

Dental Crowns, Explained


A dental crown is a cap fitted over your natural tooth to provide strength when much of the natural tooth has been lost, or if a drastic cosmetic change is desired.

It’s much stronger than a porcelain veneer, while still looking and behaving like a natural tooth, but it also requires more removal of your natural tooth structure, so there’s lots to consider before going ahead with a dental crown treatment.

We’ve created a downloadable guide to help you navigate the journey to getting a dental crown, including FAQs and our customers’ results.

  • Dental crowns: pros and cons
  • Questions to ask your cosmetic dentist
  • How to avoid a cosmetic dentistry disaster
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