Here you see dentists applying adult orthodontics to a patient.

The wearing of braces may be a rite of passage for many kids and teens but it is by no means exclusive to them. Thanks to modern teeth straightening innovations – such as Invisalign – adult orthodontics has in recent years experienced a taste of mainstream popularity.

If you missed the opportunity – or overlooked the importance – of straightening your teeth in childhood, you can still opt for these advanced braces to fix whatever misalignment problems you may have in adulthood. Whether you have crooked, overlapping, unevenly spaced or gappy teeth, these modern systems adopt the same teeth straightening principles as traditional braces, in that they exert minute forces to gradually move your misaligned teeth to the desired positions. However, they are also known for improving treatment comfort and speed as well as allowing for a more discreet teeth-straightening process.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from teeth straightening innovations that cater to adult orthodontic patients:

Clear braces for discreet treatment

Many adults avoid orthodontic treatment for fear of having to wear unsightly metal braces on their teeth. The dark-coloured wires and brackets may attract unwanted attention to one’s mouth, which may make the wearer feel awkward or embarrassed to smile, particularly during social and professional functions.

Using clear brace technology, modern systems like Invisalign and Clear Correct can deliver the same teeth straightening results while giving patients the option to avoid unwanted stares and attention. These innovative products use special clear plastic material to fabricate their braces, so that they are virtually undetectable in your mouth.

Each clear brace is customised to perfectly fit your teeth and mouth structure so that it doesn’t introduce extra bulk even when your mouth is closed. Now you can undergo the teeth straightening treatment with confidence, knowing that the “invisible” oral appliance is working at improving your smile without anyone noticing.

Computerised precision and speed

The popular misconception that it is too late to straighten adult teeth – because of their rigidity as compared to those of a teen – is no longer valid. In fact, advanced orthodontic systems allow adults to straighten their teeth with success and speed!

Today’s orthodontic systems combine 3D imaging, digital milling technology and computer-aided designs to deliver more precise and customisable brace fabrications. Due to the highly accurate measurements and manufacturing fidelity, many modern braces can produce faster treatments – while requiring lesser visits to the dentists for physical adjustments.1

Increased ComfortAdult Orthodontic treatments can leave you with a better and straighter smile.

Made from smooth and flexible plastic, the Invisalign aligner (what the brace is called) conforms precisely to the contours of the teeth arch to give patients a comfortable and seamless wearing experience. Unlike traditional braces that poke or irritate the soft tissues around the teeth, these plastic oral devices give both young and adult patients a more comfortable treatment experience.

Ease of Use

Finally, the clear braces used by both Invisalign and Clear Correct can be removed for short periods each day, allowing patients to eat, drink, brush or floss as they normally would. This also makes it easier to clean the oral appliances while maintaining good oral hygiene. No matter how old you are, this is a great benefit over traditional braces.

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