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At The Macquarie Street Centre, we understand the deep psychological effects on patients who suffer from deteriorated or missing teeth. It is particularly traumatic for those who face the stark possibility of losing all their teeth. In such cases, the effects are not merely functional or cosmetic, but also psychological. Indeed, patients lacking one or more teeth may lose their confidence for social interaction and interpersonal relationships.

All You Need To Know About All on 4 and Its Effective Results

While removable dentures have long been prescribed as a treatment option, anyone who has had experience using them would be familiar with the issues. Not only do dentures interfere with the wearer’s lifestyle, they can be the cause for potential embarrassment – imagine the horrors of them falling out in public at the worst possible moment! Another distinct disadvantage of dentures has to do with appearance. There are limitations to how denture teeth can be positioned based on the anatomy of the bony ridge and/or palate, and, hence, the final appearance that can be achieved. That’s why denture wearers often cover their mouths for fear of revealing a fake-looking set of teeth.

All on Four - Patient Xray image

All on 4 Implants: Before and After Images

This patient has gone through a significant improvement with his teeth structure thanks to the All on 4 treatment done at our Sydney dental practice.

All on 4 Sydney results from one of our patients. Come in and get a consult to see if our Sydney dentist can help you fix or enhance your smile!

  • The Beginning of Implant Dentistry

    "Osseointegration" is the process whereby living bone can grow onto the surface of a titanium implant, to create a secure and long-term anchorage of an implant, and hence, provides the basis of modern day dental implant treatment. P.I. Branemark, the "father of osseointegration”, especially refers to the edentulous patient (a person missing all of their teeth in either one or both jaws) as a “dental cripple" and is quoted;

    “In today's modern society, no one should have to die, with their teeth in a glass beside their bed”.

    A most apt and relevant reflection on the problems that a large percentage of our community face.

  • Historical Treatment of Edentulous Patients

    Whilst dental implants have changed the lives of millions of people and provided many with a "third dentition" in replacing their missing or failing teeth, many patients have been unable to enjoy the benefits of this treatment due to a variety of reasons, mainly due to lack of bone availability for implant placement, especially in their upper jaws. Further, the historical approach in treatment for these patients was to undertake extensive bone grafting procedures to re-establish the jaw bone volume for future implant placement. This treatment approach extended the treatment time significantly in excess of 12 to 18 months, as well as being a costly procedure with multiple surgical appointments and at times, necessitated the patient being without teeth. Many patients understandably were reluctant to pursue treatment and accepted the problems and limitations of their removable dentures.

  • Limitations of Dentures

    Sadly, many patients are faced with the reality of missing all of their teeth in either one or both of their upper and lower jaws, or, face the reality of losing all their teeth in the near future.

    Often, they struggle with partial or full removable dentures and their quality of life is significantly compromised. For some, the lack of security and movement in their dentures causes pain and discomfort, let alone the restrictions in foods that they are able to eat. For others, it may be they have a sensitive gag reflex and hence cannot tolerate the denture coverage on their palate.

    For most of these patients, there are also the psychological effects of wearing removable dentures and a lack of confidence that comes in social situations and interpersonal relationships. Whilst a small percentage of patients can initially tolerate removable dentures, further bone resorption (shrinkage of the jawbones), leads to less support and retention for the denture over time, and hence, an even more mobile and less secure denture.

  • The All-On-4 Solution - A New Paradigm!

    Thankfully with new implant designs and technologies, we are able to treat these patients with a cost-effective treatment approach, commonly referred to as "All-On-4™" whereby a person can transition from having a failing dentition or missing all of their teeth, to having a fixed replacement of teeth (implant bridge) supported in most cases by only four implants, in either the upper or lower jaw.

    Importantly, these patients are treated with only one surgical procedure and in the majority of cases, can have their replacement teeth immediately connected to the newly placed implants within a few days of the procedure. Importantly, the surgical procedures are undertaken in one visit in the dental clinic, and generally do not require hospitalisation or general anaesthetic.

    Most patients are comfortably treated with local anaesthetic and oral or intravenous sedation, with only minimum discomfort and are able to return to work or their normal activities within a few days of their treatment being undertaken. These patients can then be rid of their removable dentures and enjoy the benefits of immediate function with their new implant supported and retained replacement teeth, providing excellent appearance, function and with minimum ongoing treatment needs.

    In some cases, we may elect to place more than four implants, especially in the upper jaw, based upon a careful assessment of the biomechanical variables. The essential approach in the All-On-4, or All-On-4 Plus (more than four implants - commonly 6 to 8) techniques, is to achieve implant placement without bone grafting and to achieve the ability for patients to have their replacement teeth connected to the implants within a few days of their placement, to achieve immediate function.

  • All-On-4 to the Rescue!

    All-On-4 and All-On-4 Plus are treatments designed for patients who are struggling with missing teeth or looking for modern alternatives to wobbly, ill-fitting dentures.

    Thanks to new implant designs and technologies, we are able to offer All-on-4 and All-on-4 Plus as cost-effective treatment options for patients who suffer from failed dentition or are missing all their teeth. All-on-4 and All-on-4 Plus are breakthrough implant treatments that can give you completely functional teeth in just one surgical procedure! Typically All-on-4 and All-on-4 Plus treatments are completed within 1-3 days from implant placement.

    Used as a replacement method for either one arch or both upper and lower arches, the All-on-4 dental implants process generally uses just four implants for replacing teeth. Unlike ordinary dental implant treatments that can require multiple procedures (including bone grafting) spread over many months of treatment, it takes just one sitting for the All-On-4 patient to completely replace his or her teeth! The implants then serve as permanent anchors upon which a fully customised prosthetic bridge can be attached.

    In the majority of cases, the patient’s replacement teeth can be immediately connected to the newly placed implants within a few days of the procedure. Since the surgical procedure can be completed within just one visit to the dental clinic, the treatment generally does not require hospitalisation or general anaesthetic.

    Typically, only mild anaesthetic is required, including local anaesthetic and oral or intravenous sedation. Patients experience minimum discomfort and are usually able to return to work or their normal activities within a few days following their treatments.

    Patients can then be rid of their removable dentures and enjoy the benefits of immediate function with their new implant supported and retained replacement teeth. With All-On-4 and All-on-4 Plus, patients can skip past all the usual treatment ordeals, and still get back a new set of fully functional teeth – not to mention a bright, beautiful smile!

  • No Bone - No Problems!

    In the severely atrophic upper jaw (where there is minimal to no remaining jawbone) these patients can also enjoy the benefits of fixed implant-supported replacement teeth and immediate function. Again historically, these patients would be treated with extensive bone grafting procedures, multiple surgical appointments and an extended treatment time with somewhat compromised long-term success rates.

    Today we utilise a highly successful approach whereby four long implants (zygomatic implants) are inserted and anchored into the root of the zygomatic process (cheekbone) with possibly the addition of one or two further implants in the front of the upper jaw. This is all done intraorally (inside the mouth). This approach enables the treatment of these extreme atrophic patients with one surgical appointment and again achieves the ability to have fixed implant supported and retained replacement teeth within a few days of the implant placement. These patients can also then enjoy the benefits of immediate function with the ability to smile, eat and speak and forever be rid of the problems associated with their removable dentures.

All on 4 Dental Cosmetics

The all round functional benefits of the All on 4 process makes it an effective restorative solution for edentulous patients. The Macquarie Street Centre provides highly specialised and effective services in implant dentistry, having transformed many patients with the All on 4 treatment.

Cost of All on 4 Sydney

We want you to enjoy the benefits of your treatment long-term, and hence, each patient treatment is individually tailored, rather than ‘off the shelf’ or ‘one size fits all’ approach. This pre-treatment assessment ensures excellent, predictable results. All-On-4 is a more cost-effective approach as opposed to traditional implant treatment which may have involved lengthy grafting procedures. To find out your fixed treatment cost, we encourage you to see us for our comprehensive new patient appointment, and we’ll help you with all the necessary details.

Why Should You Choose The Macquarie Street Centre for All on 4 Implants?

Dr David Dunn: Expertise You Can Depend On

To his patients, Dr David Dunn, the Principal Dentist of Macquarie Street Dental, may just be a friendly clinician who happens to deliver fantastic results. Yet unbeknownst to many of them, Dr Dunn is an internationally sought after dental speaker and mentor, particularly in the field of dental implants. The same passion and expertise that undergirds Dr Dunn’s well-established dental implant work is also evident in his All-On-4 techniques. The veteran dentist’s vast knowledge and use of the All-On-4 and All-On-4 Plus systems, his tireless follow-ups on All-On-4 after care, and predictable results with the dental implant procedures, all display an unswerving commitment to raise the standards of dental care while pursuing new and better treatment options.

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Written by Ainslea Bennell

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