How to pick the right toothpaste for you!

Very few people are aware that using the right toothpaste – according to your individual dental needs – is essential for great oral care maintenance. Just as practicing good oral care habits are important for the wellbeing of your teeth and gums, choosing the right toothpaste helps to ma...

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Home remedies for bad breath

There are many things that can cause bad breath: Dry mouth, sinus infection, acid reflux, diabetes, pneumonia, smoking, diet, alcohol consumption, etc. Thankfully, there are also many different solutions to the problem of bad breath. From applying medicinal herbs to organic remedies, many DIY thera...

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Preventing Teeth Stains for a Brighter Smile

Teeth and Aging As we grow older, so do our teeth. While we can’t do much about the ageing process, we can still exercise and eat healthy to keep our bodies in good order. The same goes for the appearance of our teeth. When the enamel layer of our teeth becomes thinner with age, the underlyin...

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How Everyday Habits Can Have an Impact on Your Teeth

As the saying goes; you sleep in the bed you make. That alludes to the fact that every decision we make, rightly or wrongly, will ultimately affect us more than they will impact others. The same wisdom applies to the everyday choices that we make in regards to the health of our teeth and gums. An im...

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Smile like a celebrity with cosmetic dental treatments

How to Get Teeth Like a Celebrity? The Types of Cosmetic Dental Treatments Available

Few people are born with a flawless set of teeth. The same goes for celebrities. If you have always wondered how some celebrities are seemingly blessed with gorgeous smiles, well, you usually do not need to look any further than their cosmetic dentists. Just as you would associate celebrity good loo...

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How to Handle Chipped or Broken Teeth

A cosmetic dentist is expected to diagnose and treat issues concerned with the aesthetics of your smile. However, a cosmetic dentist can also tackle unforseen problems that characterise a dental emergency such as chipped or broken teeth. A person may end up with chipped or broken teeth from acciden...

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Three common dental problems - visit your dentist

3 Common Signs that mean it’s Time to Visit Your Dentist

Like most people, you probably do not look forward to a dental appointment. Then again, why would anyone look forward to what is potentially an uncomfortable or costly experience? That is probably why most people only see the dentist when it is inevitable. That said, visiting a dentist happens to be...

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How to keep your teeth straight after orthodontic treatment

A Simple Guide to Keeping Your Teeth Straight After Orthodontic Treatment

When it is time to remove your traditional braces or conclude your Invisalign treatment, you have every reason to be excited. After all, you have invested a fair amount of time keeping up with the brace-wearing regime, and it’s now time to enjoy having straight and beautiful teeth. Of course,...

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The Top Trends in Cosmetic Dental Treatments in 2016

Similar to the world of fashion, there are also trending treatments in the world of cosmetic dentistry – although patients are generally not as fickle as fashionistas and the trends do not change as often. From whitening to teeth straightening, we look at some of the most popular cosmetic dent...

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Here’s What The Ideal Dental Implant Candidate Looks Like

Dental implants have emerged as an attractive treatment option for replacing missing teeth. If you are suffering from missing or debilitated, broken down teeth, then dental implants may offer an ideal and permanent solution to your problems. Typically made of titanium, implants are mini posts p...

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